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Martin D.  Meltzer, M.A., is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado (License #69), is a National Certified Counselor (Certificate #21864), a trained mediator, and holds a college level Colorado Vocational Teaching Certificate.  Mr. Meltzer received his M.A. degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver in 1985 and his B.B.A. degree in Accounting and Electronic Data Processing from Pace University in 1970.  Mr. Meltzer has been in private practice since receiving his graduate degree.  Besides private practice, which includes outpatient and inpatient settings, additional work experience includes a local resource center providing outpatient mental health counseling services, a university counseling center, homeless and battered women shelters, an AID’s clinic, a residential child-care facility, and various public school settings.  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services were added to Mr. Meltzer’s practice in 1993.  Mr. Meltzer has been an adjunct faculty member in the Applied Communications and ADR Programs, University College, University of Denver, was an adjunct Clinical Professor at the College of Law, University of Denver and has been an Associate for CDR Associates, among others.  Prior to receiving his graduate degree, Mr. Meltzer held various corporate senior level management positions specializing in the areas of domestic and international finance, accounting, tax, and law.  Mr. Meltzer was a Senior Accountant for a “Big Four” accounting firm and has taught accounting on the college level.


In the areas of clinical psychotherapy and counseling, Mr. Meltzer conducts brief and long-term individual, family, couple, and group psychotherapy through private, insurance, managed care and EAP settings.  His philosophical perspective is Existential / Humanistic, while his theoretical and methodological perspectives are Cognitive-Behavioral / Systems Psychodynamic.  Specializations include active suicidal ideation; addictions and the addictive process, survivors of childhood and adult trauma, abuse and violence; domestic violence; anxiety and mood disorders; and issues relating to families, relationships, and parenting. Client populations include female and male adults and seniors.


In the field of ADR areas of specializations include domestic (divorce, separation, parental responsibilities, child support, parenting, property, financial, tax, business, and post divorce issues), business and commercial (financial, tax, legal, accounting, contracts, agreements, and employer/employee issues), and civil (criminal misdemeanor, neighborhood and community, landlord / tenant issues) matters.  Mr. Meltzer’s philosophical perspective towards dispute resolution is Transformative, while his theoretical and methodological perspectives are Facilitative.   Mr. Meltzer has taught, lectured, and written in the areas of communication, negotiation, conflict, and issues of high conflict and violence, in addition to philosophies, orientations and models of mediation.


Mr. Meltzer has written articles and has presented on legal, ethical, licensure, legislative, business, health care reform, domestic violence and homelessness issues in psychotherapy, and violence issues in mediation. Mr. Meltzer, through a Governor’s appointment, sat, for seven years, on the Colorado State Grievance Board (Board) as an Augmented Panel member for Licensed Professional Counselors, and Chaired the Board’s Practice & Therapy Monitoring Committee.  Mr. Meltzer is Past President of the Colorado Mental Health Counselors Association (CMHCA), is Past Chair of the Colorado Counseling Association’s Licensure Committee (CCA), is Past Chair of the Public Policy & Legislative Committee for CMHCA, served on the Ethics Committee for CCA, and is a past Board member of the Colorado Council of Mediators & Mediation Organizations. From 1989 to 1998 he was actively involved with the Mental Health Association of Colorado’s (MHAC) Pro-Bono Mental Health Project as a Pro-Bono Advisory Board member, as well as providing direct pro-bono services. Mr. Meltzer is a past member of the Association for Conflict Resolution (Advanced Practitioner member), and the Colorado Council of Mediators & Mediation Organizations (Divorce & Child Custody Professional Mediator and Civil & Community Professional Mediator member).

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